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A Journey Worth Taking...

 A journey taken to deal with life challenges differently....

Identify your strengths   

Learn tools to change your thinking and behavior

Notice and handle feelings differently

Learn to soothe and calm yourself

Understand how we process events

Explore relationship issues and 

Communicate effectively

I'll work myself out of a job with you


Call or email me for an appointment:

306 641 9161

306 782 2151


Grayston Counselling Service

31 Broadway St. E

Yorkton, Sk.

- Norm Grayston

Marg & I in British Columbia - 2010

In  late November 2012, I opened my own independent practice serving business owners, employees, their family members, as well as private clients in the Yorkton area.  I have worked as a psychotherapist since 2000.  I provide services to those seeking private sessions,. My current rate is 140.00 per hour.



As a member of the profession, my goals are to:

 -To provide tools, strategies, skills, and knowledge about thinking, feeling, and behavior that helps clients recogniz, manage, and change their behavior.   

- Practice as a Full Member of the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists, # 874.

- Acquire a greater depth of knowledge in psychology through study, workshops, and conferences.

- Continue developing my counseling skills through reflective practice and ongoing supervision.


I studied Counselling at the University of Saskatchewan, in the Educational Psychology Department.  As a life long learner, I have continued studying anxiety, depression, trauma, and couples therapy. In addition, as I continue to learn about how the brain works, and I share that knowledge in session.   The following quote is from my professional disclosure:

“As an articulate, flexible, and compassionate counsellor with excellent communication, analytic, and companioning skills, I seek a setting that serves a diverse clientele.  As an experienced educator, I bring a strong commitment to developing self-esteem and self-reliance with adolescents, and adults."

Earlier in my career, I worked as a teacher of young children.  Life changes brought my partner and I back to university.  For a period of time, our family was a unit of five students.  Two adults in university and three children negotiating elementary, and then high school.  As adults, our children have continued to inspire my curiosity about life changing events. 

In the summer, I enjoy sailing, camping, working on construction  projects, and reading.  I can hardly wait until the ice is off the lakes, so I can get my sailboat on the water!  My three adult children have encouraged my sense of adventure and exploration, and my precious grandson, simply makes me smile :)

That's my story...

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